CLAP! for the Playhouse Theater For 27 years we have made a place for Children to Learn to Act. We Need Your Help to Continue!

CLAP!'s mission is to support and generate educational experiences in creative learning and performance. Through fundraising we provide a venue for an education and training program and the development, rehearsal, and production of live theater for children, teenagers, and adults at The Playhouse in Belfast. Our goals are to continue a sustainable theater education program and to promote the production of live theater for children and adults in mid-coast Maine.

Over the years CLAP! has helped to produce many comedies, mysteries, original plays, and dramas for adults at The Playhouse. New and unique plays are produced that expand the theatrical experience of our audiences and casts.

Beware The Jaberwocky!

We serve school-age children and teenagers in Belfast and Waldo County.

The Children's Theater Program provides after school and weekend sessions for students who are drawn to the theater and related arts. Fees are low and no one is turned away for financial limitation. We are a rural community and for 23 years The Playhouse has been a consistent source of laughter and enjoyment for young people and adults.

The Children's Theater Company and The Playhouse Teen Theater Company are the vital part of the work of CLAP!. The children who study acting at The Playhouse start young and return year after year. Becoming a company member when cast in a play develops a sense of responsibility and group identity along with acting skills.

Theater training and performance gives children a better understanding of themselves and others. Through the experience gained in production and performance we aid in the development of a more competent and confident young person, one who will be better able to contribute to their community in a positive way.